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FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- what is been a haul in larger metropolitan cities is currently a heavy concern for metropolis Police. they assert saying} Craigslist robberies are going down everywhere city.

If you are reaching to sell your things to somebody you do not recognize... vendor watch.

Kira Associate in Nursingd Richard turned to Craigslist recently to sell an iPhone. They did not need United States to use their cognomen.

Kira explains, "I got a decision from a man United Nations agency wished to shop for it, he did not have a automobile therefore he asked if I may return to satisfy him."

The buyer wished the couple to return to his living accommodations. however they felt safer at the shopping mall across the road.

"We had a sense there could be one thing suspicious," aforesaid Richard. "It sounded like plenty of cash for a younger child to possess."

When they force up it wasn't one, however 2 guys, 2 teenagers. 

Both teens bumped into the residences at Cedar and Floradora in Southeast metropolis. it absolutely was the second theft by appointment at that location in but a month.

Fresno Police Sgt. Mark Hudson says Craigslist robberies have become additional common. different cities like metropolis and l.  a.   even have special police task forces in situ to modify the matter.

Sgt. Hudson aforesaid, "It's setting out to become additional common clearly as a result of additional folks area unit commercialism things during this economy, and exploitation the pc to try and do those things and consumers area unit wanting to shop for things."

The safest thanks to sell is thru Associate in Nursing account like eBay or, paying on-line, and causation merchandise through the mail.

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